Friday, August 30, 2013


Time for a little lunch time bloggin' fun! #Picadayfriday is in full force!

Saturday: This sweet girl might not be feeling too hot. :/ I turned around from putting up all the food I got out to make her lunch to find her holding her head up with her hand and just looking plain pitiful.

Sunday: Sunday was a day of deep sleep. No doubt because she wasn't feeling up to par. This kid rarely NEVER just lays down on the couch and passes out.

Monday: Chloe had to spend the day with me at work. Poor girl...She was at work with me until 6:45! All things considered, she did fabulous, helped me destroy my room, and cleaned her boots up just like her daddy does. Oh, and found the pink pom poms for BCA month.

Tuesday: The first day of school!!! She still wasn't feeling herself. I couldn't get her to take her paci out for the picture or even lift her head up. :(

Wednesday: Mommy reinstalled "Elmo Calls" onto my phone. Some crazy 1 year old deleted it a few months back. You would have thought it was Christmas in the Thompson house. While I rocked her nite nite, Chloe and Elmo facetimed.
Thursday: I mustache you a question! Thanks to Mandi for letting me borrow these FABULOUS ice breakers to use with my homeroom babies! Each mustache had a random question on them. The kids were paired together, had to find out the other student's name and ask them the question. Then, they introduced each other to the class and told the answer to their question.


Friday: Today! Chloe told me this morning that she wanted to wear daddy's hat to Jakki's house. I don't know about you, but I think she looks way better in it than daddy does. ;)
Have a good great FABULOUS three day weekend, friends! We will be hitting up the lake and working on a nice, end of season tan.
Till next time,

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