Thursday, August 29, 2013

An Unexpected Visitor

What a great day! Really, what a great week. Today was special though. This morning I woke up especially tired and was truly dragging. As I was preparing my class for the kids, someone walked in. When I turned around, it was one of my sweet boys that I taught 7 YEARS AGO! I seriously haven't seen him in years. He was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school the last time I ran into him. Caleb was a special kid. If I was to have a favorite, which of course a teacher NEVER would, Caleb would have topped my list that year. ;) 

This kid had personality for miles. He kept me on my toes but had me laughing the whole way. Needless to say I was surprised and SO thrilled to see him. He didn't think I would recognize him. Caleb was a little guy when I taught him. Not anymore. He's pushing 6'3ish. I recognized him instantly though. We talked for quite a while. Classroom preparations could wait. He said he was dropping his little brother off at school because he missed the bus and decided to come in and see me. 

My heart was officially full. This is why I do what I do. For a student, especially a boy, who I haven't had in my classroom for 7 years, to take the time out of his day to come say hi to me just made my day. 

To all my teacher friends, don't think you're not making life long connections! We matter more than we know to these kids. Caleb and I sat there and talked as if only a few days had passed since he was one of my sweet babies. It was only after he left that I said, "DANGIT! I should have gotten a picture with him! This would be a great blog post!" Ho hum. :/ He promised to come by again when he's playing chauffeur for his brother. I'll be sure to get a picture then.

Tomorrow is #picadayfriday!  

Till then,


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