Friday, August 16, 2013


It's FRIDAY! You know what that means. Time for a little #picadayfriday action! Since I missed out last week, this week's will be a combination of the last two weeks.

On Saturday, we attempted to take Chloe to see her first movie, Smurfs 2. It's wasn't completely successful but also wasn't a total bust. She lasted 45 minutes before we had to leave.

Last Sunday, Chloe got to take some of her duplicate toys she got at her birthday party back to Target. I know, I'm a bit behind. :/ Here she is on the way home, reading one of the books she picked out. My hopes are that Elmo proves influential!!!

Monday, after swim lessons, we stopped in at Chick Fil A. Chloe is finally beginning to try climbing in the play areas. She was pretty proud of herself here. It only took 15 minutes to talk her into climbing up to the second level. ;)

Tuesday, we had a long, hard practice. We took this picture on a water break.
Chloe always goes to practice with me, and the girls are SO SO good with her!
Wednesday, I caught this photo op of a moment while driving. Mmmm, toenails!

Last Thursday, we went swimming at the Tipton's. Here's Chloe driving their go cart around with Lindsey and Tina. 

Friday, today!!! Today, my girls totally rocked the competition and were on their A game! Here's a pic of them wearing their beautiful new uniform this morning with their TROPHY for their performance cheer!
Till next time!

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