Monday, August 19, 2013

Chloe Goes To The Circus!

Well folks, it's 10:32pm on the last night of summer break. I should be fast asleep since I have to be up bright and early for our first day of professional development tomorrow. Instead, I haven't even set my alarm clock, don't have my lunch packed, my house is a wreck, I still have laundry to do that didn't get finished over the weekend, and I haven't blogged about the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!!!

Alas, rest can wait. I know if I put off blogging about our outing to the circus one more day, it will never happen. School, work, and all things life related will consume me. 

I must say, I truly don't remember The Greatest Show On Earth being as GREAT as it was! Did the circus have a live band when we were little?!? Oh yes, I said LIVE BAND! For a second I thought I was at a taping of Dancing With The Stars. ;) It was pretty cool to watch the conductor. He was watching the show and would signal when each. and. every. sound. needed to be played. Talk about exhausting! I bet that man sleeps good at night.

First off, I have to mention that we took Chloe's Mimi, her great Mamaw, and her great grandma Sue. 4 generations! It was great! When we arrived, the doors weren't open yet, so we had to sit around sweating our butts off. :/ Once inside, they had a preshow down on the floor that you could go see. Chloe quickly made her way to the ring that had a woman, her two goats, and a pony putting on a cute little show. We all know how Chloe loves her animals!  Since we were one of the first in the door, my munchkin was front row for all the action in the pre show.  Chloe didn't really care too much about the clown show that followed, but after the clowns left, a dog show came out. Signal the security! This girl and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Her eyes were glued. She was mesmerized. Wait, we have dogs. I didn't pay all this money to entertain my kid with dogs!

Seriously though, they were super cute dogs. There were two of them, both standard sized Poodles.  After the dogs performed a few tricks the trainer called Chloe up to be an "assistant." Ever the shy one, mommy had to tag along with her. We held a big metal ring for the dogs to jump through. It was pretty cute. :) 

I must say though, none of the preshow action compared to how the preshow ended. Talk about making a two year old's jaw drop. The curtain opened and standing before her was Kelly Ann, one of the Barnum elephants. Chloe was shocked amazed star struck! Her jaw dropped, her eyes got as big as saucers, and I'm fairly sure all breathing stopped. Here's a picture of miss Kelly Ann. Did I mention she was C.L.O.S.E.????
Anyone who knows me knows I love elepants. They're so regal, so majestic, so wise. All too intentionally, I have pushed this love onto Chloe. She sleeps with her "Ele" every night. She got a new "ele" at the circus that we named "Peanut." So, like I was saying, we are elephant people.  Chloe getting the opportunity to be this up close and personal to one made MY day, and I know she was pretty excited herself.  Kelly Ann hung around a while. She shot some hoops, painted a few pictures, but all good things must come to an end. Once she left, it was time to find our seats, on the SECOND ROW, and let the show begin.

Although I would have to say that being that close to an elephant was the highlight of my evening, the show definitely did not disappoint. The theme this year is "Dragons." I'll admit, not my thing. Honestly, I could really care less about dragons and all the Asian masters of mind and strength crap stuff that they did.  But, I did love all the other aspects of the show. The lions and tigers were cool although one had some major PMS. That guy in the cage with them is CRAZY. Certifiably...
Sadly, it was a long day for us Thompsons, as we had a baby shower during the afternoon.  Chloe didn't get her afternoon nap, and she fell asleep in the middle of the second half. I tried so hard to wake her up, but she was out cold. I know she had a blast though.
I'm really hoping my mom got a good picture of Chloe and I at the circus because I got none. :/  If so, I 'll post it in Friday's #picadayfriday. 
Till tomorrow...

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