Friday, August 2, 2013

Pic A Day Friday Week 2!

It's Pic A Day Friday!!! Happy last day till the weekend peeps! #picadayfriday

Saturday: Chloe and daddy pose for a pic after dinner at Chilis.

Sunday: Sunday started off with lil miss trying on every piece of dress up apparel she owns. Here she is channeling her inner Minnie Mouse. Rusty said he doesn't like this picture because it makes her look way older than 2. Lol!

Monday: Chloe discovers the obnoxiously large Rangers hat. Poor Spanky suffers through her thinking he must wear the hat.

Tuesday: Someone found a baby bottle I had put in her toy box to use on her baby dolls. A certain daddy is a sucker and shared his Gatorade with her. #musthidebottle

Wednesday: Daddy's new boots are quite the hit.

Thursday: While eating pizza for dinner, she wanted to take a "pipure" with mommy.

Friday: There's a baby girl in there somewhere. How does she sleep with her head covered up!?!

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