Thursday, August 15, 2013

Living Vicariously, I Guess...


It's been a while since I last posted. I took last week off from pretty much everything I normally do.  It was a lazy, spend time with your baby girl, ignore the laundry piling up kind of week.  That was all done in preparation for this week which has been a bit CRAY CRAY!

Tomorrow wraps up 4 days of intense cheer training.  We had a pretty challenging practice on Tuesday to prepare us for camp Wednesday-Friday.  I have this thing with being the best. I can't help it. No one wants to come in second. No one wants to suck. So, we extended our Tuesday practice to be twice as long and worked our tail ends off. I must say, it paid off! My beautiful and talented girls are smoking the competition! Of course, they're smoking the competition with grace, humbleness, and with a very positive and encouraging attitude. ;) 

This morning, we competed in a jump off against Medlin.  I was so very proud of all my girls. If only I had the abilities they have. My sweet Lauren won the jump off with her  quadruple toe touch, round off, back handspring, back tuck!  Seriously...the competition was intense. At the end of the day today, we had evaluations. We had to perform a cheer and our new routine.  Our girls rocked the house, stole the show, made jaws drop, and won the Award of Excellence on both performances!  :)   CLICK HERE to see a video of them practicing their cheer routine for the evaluation.
Friday is our last day at camp. It's a short day and the parents get to come see what the girls have learned. Oh, and no big deal, but...we are competing against all the teams in the district for that beautiful FIRST PLACE trophy! CTMS cheer will be representin' bulldog style tomorrow! I have been so very, very proud of my girls the past few days. Cheer camp always gives me the fever and makes me all giddy and anxious for our season to get into full swing!  I seriously can't wait!

Tomorrow, we get back to our #picadayfriday, but you can bet your hiney I'll be catching you up on just exactly how amazing my girls do at our competition!!!!

Cheers! *\O/*


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