Saturday, August 24, 2013


#picadayfriday on Saturday. That should be your first clue to the kind of week I had.

Friday: Chloe was tuckered out after going to the rodeo. She loves any excise to wear her spurs!

Saturday: See a trend? You might have had a busy day if you can fall asleep at the CIRCUS! P.S. I LOVE that paci hanging out!

Sunday: Motorcycle fun!

Monday: The last day of swim lessons. Notice something missing? That's right, she went in with NO PACI and no tears!!!

Tuesday: The first official day back at Jakki's house for the new school year.
Flashback 2011/2012/2013 . (Tear!!)

Wednesday: "Mommy, I wan dive to da part." How can you deny that!?!

Thursday: Chloe has been sporting our "Commit To Graduate"bracelets. You got to start reinforcing the importance of education early, folks!
Friday: We've been at school most nights this week. This is officially her desk to watch "Mitee Mouse on the TD" at work while I create bulletin board after bulletin board.

Peace out,


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