Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun Facts and #picadayfriday

Yesterday, I was blog stalking some of my kiddos in class. Yes, I actually read their blogs; all 90 of them! Anyways, one of my sweet girls wrote a little fun facts list about herself. When I got to numbers 13 and 14, I literally laughed out loud. See for yourself why...
Then I got to thinking. Isn't this the true definition of success as a teacher?? I mean, your goal should never be to be the favorite teacher, just to be the favorite teacher. You want your students to like you for the right reasons, not because you act like their friend.  More than anything though, you want your students to respect you. That's such a fine line to walk. If you're too friendly, the respect goes away.  If you're too strict and "mean" as they would put it, they have no respect for you either.  Simply put, I sincerely loved reading number 13 and 14 because it tells me that I am likable but still respected. Success is mine! Now, I can retire. In honor of my sweet girl who made my day, and knowing that she and many other of my students read my blog, I thought I would do a top 10 fun facts list today before the #picadayfriday fun begins.  Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new about me. Here it goes...
1. It took me five years to graduate college because I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life, but when I finally did, I graduated first in my class with honors.
2. Mere months from college graduation, I told my mom I didn't want to use my degree, so I enrolled in the masters program, and went to college for a sixth year.
3. My favorite musicians are New Kids on the Block, Pitbull, and Kenny Chesney.
4. I have a favorite student. Don't ever let teachers tell you they don't. They're lying. ;P (Disclaimer: I also have lots and lots of first runners up!)
5. I want to open a car wash...and a cheer gym.
6. I gained 49 whopping pounds when I was pregnant with Chloe.  After I had Chloe, I lost 55 pounds.
7. Tori Spelling is and always will be my favorite celebrity ever.
8. I didn't take my first airplane ride until I was 23 years old. Chloe was only three months old when she took her first ride.
9. I don't have any tattoos and never will. My likes and dislikes change with the moon. I know I would regret it.
10.  I'm a crier. My kids think I'm rough and tough, but I'm a crier. I cried today actually when I medaled my cheerleaders that are going to high school. Like ugly, can't get through my speech cry.
11. My favorite person to follow on Twitter is Donnie Wahlberg. #purepositiveinspiration (He's also my favorite New Kid.)
There ya have it.  I even gave you an extra one for the road.  Did you learn anything new??
Now, on to #picadayfriday.  This week has been a busy one. It all started with the three day weekend and ended with two back to back nights of recital rehearsals until 8pm. Tomorrow is the big day!!! I'll have lots of recital pictures to post next week!

What better to do while the gas is pumping than take mommy/Chloe selfies?

It was a fight to take a nap. Her final request before submitting to sleep was "l want Wookie to go nite nite wif me." What can I say...AND, it worked! Here's a picture from her baby monitor. Yes, I still use a baby monitor. #dontjudge

While scrolling through Twitter, I came across this. It made me ROFL. I know all my fellow English teachers can relate to this one. Mandi???  These kids really need to start writing their own essays. The teacher will always figure it out. #wearesmarterthanyou

With Tuesday brought Mimi coming in the early morning hours to pick up Chloe for a three day rendezvous "grandma style." That pretty much equates to being spoiled rotten, having lots of fun, and eating candy with every meal. Here they are in downtown Dallas with my Mamaw, Chloe's great Mamaw.

Like a true sweetheart, she picked me a flower.

On Wednesday, the spoiling continued when Chloe went to the zoo with her Mimi and Mamaw. Here they are on the monorail. I hear Mimi has lots of great pictures, but this is all I have.

We reunited! After work, I met my mom and Chloe at the place Chloe is having her recital. It was night one of a two day rehearsal. Here she is holding hands with a little girl. I thought it was sweet. I have no idea who the other girl is, but they held hands forever!

Night two of rehearsals was a dress rehearsal. She did fabulously. Here she is in the grand finale. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HER RECITAL TOMORROW!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! There's only five days of school left in my neck of the woods!
Till next time,

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