Friday, May 23, 2014

Pic A Day Friday

Yes, I know, it's Tuesday. Let's just say Friday was a looonnnngggg and trying day.  I'm a teacher, it's May, there's 8 days left of school. Enough said, right?

Without adieu, here it goes...

Daddy was out of town, so I planned a mommy and Chloe day. We had a great time, just us girls. :)

I woke up to this gem Sunday morning. Some might get excited about this. I mean, it's my baby girl's third birthday for pete's sake! It actually made me kinda sad and a bit bummed out.  I don't want her to grow up. I don't want her to get older, bigger, and more independent. I want my toddler to be a toddler for forever! And, don't even get me started on big girl school. #notevergonnahappenpeople

Ah,  Monday. You were no sweeter to me. Monday was greeted with my next countdown message. You see, Chloe has a slight addiction to her paci.  And, by slight, I mean extreme, over the top, heroine addict like addiction to her paci.  We've been telling her all year that on her third birthday she has to say bye bye to her paci. But, in return, she gets to make her own big girl Build a Bear, and when we go on vacation she gets to swim with the dolphins.  She's pretty darn excited about swimming with the dolphins, but honestly, I'm not looking forward to "Operation, Bye Bye Paci."  Besides her high chair, it's really all that's left of her baby stuff, and I know it's going to be hard on her....and Rusty and I. I think I'll be asking God to grant me lots of patience those first few days.  I know she and I both will be shedding a few tears.
Oh, and, to top off all this big girl action, my baby girl perfectly diapered her first baby without mommy's help! #stopgrowingup!
Tuesday, sweet Tuesday brought with it dance pictures. Just look how adorable she looks! I even curled her hair!! We've worked for three long years to get her hair long enough to use a curling iron on. I won't mention that by the time we got to the dance studio, the curls were practically gone...or that she wouldn't smile for the photographer. We will just focus on how beautiful she  looks.

On Wednesday, I mailed Chloe's third birthday invitations. Just look at these beauties!  Chloe is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse obsessed, and we will be having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse extravaganza for her a treehouse.  I must say, when it comes to her birthday, I tend to be a bit over the top. My two favorite parts of planning her birthday are the invites (no FB invites here, I like the real deal) and the birthday cake. Both must be over the top. With these invitations, her initial is on the mouse ears, and the invite actually slips into the red part Mickey Mouse head that has the buttons on it.  Both the mouse head and the invite are sewn, not glued, and the wording is as only Mickey himself would say it.  Love, love, LOVE these!  As for the cake, you'll just have to wait and see!!!
We ended our Thursday with a little playground fun. Rusty and Chloe had races to see who could climb the equipment and get to the bottom of the slide the quickest. It was comical to say the least.
It's FRIDAY! Let's celebrate with a little picture for daddy before school.

There you have it, our week in review.

Till next time,

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