Friday, June 6, 2014

#picadayfriday May 31-June 6

What an exciting week we have had! It all started with Chloe's dance recital on Saturday. This week was also the last week of school, Chloe said bye bye to her paci three weeks earlier than planned, and today is the last day that Chloe will be staying with Jakki...ever. I must say of all the big events and changes this week, her leaving Jakki is by far the most emotional. We wont' go there right now though. After three years with her, it's just too emotionally draining to think about.

Now, on to the fun part!
On Saturday, Rusty and I along with Chloe's closest family watched our baby girl have her dancing debut. I must say, she really was the cutest thing ever. Just look at her; so beautiful! Here is her tap performance, too!

After Chloe's recital on Saturday, we headed out to Arlington to meet Dusty, Kori, and the girls for the Daryl Dodd concert. It was a late night, and we were all pretty tired when we got home. So, on Sunday, we sat around, did laundry, and truly, not much else. Everyone needs a lazy day here and there. And, if you know Duke, you know being lazy is his number one hobby. I let him stay inside and be lazy with us all day long.  As you can see, he truly appreciated me. 
Well rested, and ready to start the week! Little did she know what awaited her on that day. Rusty took her pacis away that night! Like, for good!

Both Tuesday and Wednesday I tried super hard to keep Chloe busy. I figured the busier we were, the less time she had to think about her long gone pacis.  We met Kelly and Kadence at the park both nights.  It worked like a charm! There were no tears, no whining...nothing! She was paci free all day and at bed time!
 Rotten. Just rotten.

While at Walmart, Chloe spotted the princess fishing poles. Needless to say, we didn't walk away without one.  #justlikeherdaddy

Sweet Bittersweet Friday. Today is Chloe's last day staying with Jakki. There have been many a tear shed over this.  I've been trying to prepare Chloe for this, but I don't think she really understands.  We got Jakki a gift card last night for some pampering, and Chloe wanted to write Jakki's name on the envelope.   She's really growing up way too fast!
There you have it! Next week's pictures will stocked full of week one of summer fun! I can guarantee lots of water play and lazy day pictures!

Till next time,


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