Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tonight I Aged 10 Years

Tonight I had my scariest mom moment to date. We had recital rehearsals this evening and again tomorrow. There is a dance mom that escorts Chloe's class on and off stage.When Chloe was done with her first dance, the mom led them off stage and we went backstage to meet Chloe and tell her how good she did. She seriously did SO GOOD. My girl who dances when she wants to and stands there with her hands in her mouth the rest of the time, danced like a CHAMP! I was super proud and couldn't wait to gloat on her.  Problem: No Chloe! One by one, her classmates filed into the room, greeted with hugs, high fives, and words of excitement. No Chloe. The dance mom walks in last. No Chloe. I walked up to her and asked her where Chloe was. She had no idea.  We both sprinted off in a mad dash to find her. Chloe is significantly younger than the other girls in her class. She will be three next month, and the girls in her class are 4, almost 5, or already 5.  The whole place was pitch black for stage lighting and my shy baby was LOST! We ransacked the backstage area. No Chloe. I was freaking out, running around in 5 inch wedges, trying to find my kid, not fall on my rear end, and still be quiet for the dancers that were performing at the moment. My mind was going to all the wrong places though. I mean where better to kidnap a cute girl than a dance recital, right??

After ransacking the backstage area, running back to the staging area to take another look around for her, we still were in a state of NO CHLOE.  I decided to go look in the auditorium's seating area. There weren't that many people in there, but it was pitch black and hard to see. As I walked further into the auditorium, it became apparent, NO CHLOE.  Not knowing what to do, I ran up to Ms. Andrea, the director, who was in the middle of coaching a team of dancers, and told her Chloe was missing.  Right as I was about to lose it just from the state of the words that had exited my mouth, I feel this tug on my leg. IT WAS CHLOE! Apparently, she was in the audience, I just didn't see her on first glance. Like I said, it was dark, she is small, and I was a little beyond freaked out.  After grabbing her, holding her tight, and thanking GOD she was safe and okay, those tears tried so very hard to fall. I fought them, they fell, and I quickly wiped them away before Chloe could notice. After all, this is her moment, her time to shine, and I didn't want her to think I was upset. PLUS, I still had to tell her how good she did which is exactly what I did. I gloated, kissed, and hugged my way all the way back to the staging room.  Needless to say, when it came time for dance number two, Chloe got to hold the dance mom's hand as they exited.

I really think tonight aged me by ten years. Seriously...

Till next time,


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