Friday, May 9, 2014

Mom Bags And A Case of the Blues

This week goes down in history as not the greatest, definitely not the worst, but not one I wish to relive again either.  On Tuesday, I can sadly say that I officially had my first student pass away. It's hard to believe, considering I've been teaching a while now and Northwest has lost so many students recently, but I had somehow seemed to escape having taught any of those sweet babies. So it goes, all good things must come to an end.  Sweet, funny Thomas, who could always make me laugh until I had tears in my eyes, was smarter than I could ever hope to be, and could spout out random bits of knowledge and quotes off the top of his head at any given moment, lost his life mere yards from my house.  Thomas was one of those students that I could always count on for 3 things:

1. He would always ALWAYS ALWAYS know the right answer.
2. He would never NEVER NEVER have his homework.
3. He would always ALWAYS ALWAYS ace the test with the highest grade in the class.

Thomas had the personality that stuck in your mind long after he was gone. Last month I saw him at Sonny Bryan's when I took Chloe in to eat. It was so good to see him, that I went back the next week to see him again. We didn't talk for long, but it's always fun to see how good my sweet babies are doing after they leave me for high school.  I'm so sad for his family. :( He would have done great things, I just know it.  Tonight I'm going to the candlelight vigil at the crash site. Anyone want to join me???

On Thursday, I had my first official weigh in and measurement since I began my diet 10 days ago. I. LOST. NOTHING. To say I was bummed is the understatement of the century. You can only deny this foodaholic yumminess for so long with no results.  I'm not giving up though.  Here's hoping to a more successful upcoming 10 days!

Now, onto the fun stuff.  The other day, over at Mix and Match Family, Shay did a post about what she carries in her mom bag.  You know, there's reasons it's no longer called a purse once you have kiddos. Seriously, the things you find in my purse are crazy.  My purse is even more crazy than normal right now because I feel like my life is going by in fast forward. There's not even time to shave my legs on most days much less organize my mom bag.  I thought it might be fun, and let's be honest, motivational, to empty out the ole bag, and photograph what exactly is in my mom bag today for you guys to see.  Seriously, people, the things we carry!!!

1. Frog bib
2. 16 Dance recital tickets
3. 2 combs
4. 2 pens
5. Lotion
6. Hand sanitizer
7. 5, yes 5 pacis in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors ;)
8. 5 lip glosses
9. 3 Chapstick tubes
10. Toddler hair ties for that kid who finds it funny to pull her hair down while mommy is driving.
11. Mom hair tie
12. Mom hair band
13. Taser
14. Goggles
15. Wallet
16. 5 day old pretzels
17. Sunglasses

Honestly, this is actually pretty mild. No phone today, no change of clothes, no baby doll....seriously, mild!

I'll leave you with has come to my attention just how well my students really know me. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Check out my gifts.  Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, and more Diet Dr. Pepper. That's eleven Diet Dr. Peppers, people! If I have taught them nothing else, they have absolutely without a doubt, learned the pathway to my heart. :) #lovethem

Till next time,


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