Friday, September 20, 2013

A Small Hiatus

Hi friends! Long time, no see! Yes, I have definitely been on a bit of a hiatus. I'm baccckkkk though! Seriously, life has been so CRAY CRAY lately. It's been hard to find a free moment to stop and do much more than breathe. I have so much to catch you up on.  Since I last blogged, Chloe started her first dance class, one of my best friends lost her husband in a car accident, Chloe decided she wanted to wear 'bid durl pannies,' and Rusty decided my sweet two year old needed her very own Dune Buggy.

The honest truth is, almost two weeks ago when I got home from Chloe's first dance class, I was pumped and so ready to get online and make a post about it. While getting online to do this, I found out one of my best friend's husband had passed away. To be honest, I didn't feel like I should be sharing all these joyful, exciting moments, when she was going through such pain. It seemed kind of selfish. So, I just decided that maybe I needed to take a break for a week....which then turned into almost two weeks. 

So, dance class...I must say, my kid is shy. The first week she pretty much  clung to my leg.  However, she looked so dang cute clinging to my leg in her adorable little ballet outfit!  Week two was much better though.  Don't get me wrong, she still had her moments, but overall, it was a success! Miss Andrea, her teacher, ends her class with the Hot Dog song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. This works to our advantage because this is Chloe's favorite show and song. Well, besides Blurred Lines, or 'Hey Hey' as she calls it. Back to the Hot Dog song though...when we walked in the studio on Tuesday, the first words she had for her teacher were, "I wan Hot Dog!"

Now, on to potty training.  Back in the spring Chloe had taken an interest in going potty in the 'bid durl potty.' She was inconsistent, but when her mind was in it, she was doing good!  It didn't last long though, and we haven't had any luck at all since she turned two back in June. That is...until last Friday! Jakki, her amazing babysitter, text me to tell me Chloe asked her to wear 'bid durl pannies' like Jenna!!! Ladies and gentlemen, let the potty training begin! We promptly went to Babies R Us on Saturday to spend our life savings on all things potty related. Chloe picked out Minnie Mouse and Sofia The First 'pannies,' a Sofia stool, and mom got a few pairs of plastic pants and pull ups for her just to be on the safe side. Who knew those plastic pants wouldn't really be needed?!? She has done EXCEPTIONALLY WELL! Most days, Chloe has been accident free. There have definitely been a few accidents here and there, but overall, my kid is doing simply fabulous. I am so super duper proud of her. :)

That brings us to today. Today is the day my kid became the only two year old in Texas who owns a dune buggy. Ya know, because she can reach the pedal and drive it and all. to come. Daddy is "girling"'it up as we speak.

Up next, #picadayfriday!!!


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