Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Whirlwind Few Days

Phew! It's been a while since I was able to find a few spare minutes to log on and blog! I've been super busy, but I can't really say with any one thing in particular. It's just the life of a mom. :) Ya know, go, go, go...

This weekend Rusty had to work, so Chloe and I loaded up and headed over to my Mamaw's house. She got out of the hospital late last week, and we wanted to check up on her and see how she was feeling. GOOD NEWS! She looked great, is feeling better, and is CANCER FREE!!! God is good!  We had a great time visiting with Mamaw, Mimi, and Ashley.  Before we were about to head back home, Ashley and Chloe stumbled upon the cutest little black and white kitten. The poor thing's eyes were crusted shut.  So, Ashley and I went into rescue mode, got some wet towels, and cleaned the poor kitty's eyes up enough so she could open them. Mimi put some eye drops in the eyes, but that's about all we could do. In the long run, I'm not sure if it helped since she probably has an eye infection, but at least for the moment the poor cat probably felt a bit better.

Saturday was also the day the news came out the that Kidd Kraddick had passed away. I was pretty shocked and saddened. I've listened to him for what seems like my entire life. I feel so invested! When you listen to someone for that long, it's hard to imagine them gone. So many thoughts ran through my head: "His poor daughter!", "Maybe it's a hoax!", "What will happen to the show??", "I WILL NOT listen to Terry Dorsey!" Haha on the last one. It was a true thought, but more of a sarcastic, lighten the mood kind of thought. I will say this though.  I wouldn't know what to do and would be so lost if I didn't get to wake up with the KKITM cast, but I really don't know how they could ever go on and have the same kind of show without Kidd. He was what made that show great. Ho hum, who knows...I guess only time will tell. RIP Kidd, you will be truly missed by millions.

On Monday, Chloe had swim lessons. Yes, she's still swimming with a paci. #dontjudge  It takes true talent to swim 20 seconds, never choke on water, and never lose a paci! Here's a picture of her and her coach, Miss Kendall.

If you're just itching to see my girl in action, click HERE!

Tuesday was a day at home, and Jade came over for a short bit in the afternoon. Chloe was beside herself with excitement. She's never really had kids over to play with, so I was a bit worried about the whole "sharing toys" idea, but she did great! She was showing Jade all of her different toy bins, offered her a snack and drink (no, I'm not kidding) and had a blast playing with someone besides mommy.  In fact, when Jade left, the water works/fit/heartbreak began. She was just devastated. :(

Today, we met up with Mandi, Avery, Laura, and Selah for a little mommy/daughter play date. It was so much fun! The girls wore themselves out, us mommies got to have adult conversation time, and it has made for an easy nap time today! All in all, success! (Minus the whole ending where some kid pooped on the third floor of the playscape. THANK GOODNESS Chloe never went past the second floor!)

Speaking of naps, tomorrow I will be posting "An Ode To Naptime" Part 2. We are making headway people! :)

Till then,


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