Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An ode to nap time

Anyone who knows me knows that sleepy time at the Thompson house has never been a cake walk with Chloe. From the very beginning, she has been adamantly opposed to the word 'nap.' In her baby days, naps were quite often taken in mommy's arms for fear (and experience) of her waking up the minute I set her down. A good day was one where I could lay her down long enough to get a shower in.

Nowadays, nap time is even more important...and needed to avoid the terrible twos taking over! This summer I decided to sleep train Chloe. For months now, she has been successfully putting herself to sleep and napping for at least two hours at Jakki's house. Yet, at home, she's still rocked and throws fits. :\ We have been working hardcore on this all summer. Don't get me wrong, we've made HUGE strides. At the beginning of the summer, Chloe screamed and cried for over an hour. Through these tantrums she also learned to climb out of her crib. Ugh, bring on the toddler bed. Let me just tell ya, a toddler who is opposed to naps and all the freedoms that go with a big girl bed don't mix well!

Chloe still cries when I put her to bed. However, now, the minute I leave the room, she immediately drags her pillow, blanket, ele, and paci all into the hall. She lays down, whines a tiny bit, and then off to dreamland she goes. Success, right? Eh, kinda. Problem...she's in the HALL!!!! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING! I can't make a peep. Either way though, it's a tiny improvement and I'll take it.

I truly was feeling slightly successful until I got this message and picture from Jakki today.
'You are going to despise this. I laid Chloe down, she never fussed, never got up, and was asleep within 5 minutes.'

Ugh...this kiddo!!! Jakki's living my dream!


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  1. The most important part: she HAS made progress at home! I'd love to call myself the "baby sleep whisperer," but the truth is I struggled in all the same ways with Jade. I am just not Mommy to Chloe, so she gives me far less trouble! I will say naptime was not always so easy here. It took tons of work, patience, and time. Eventually, we met our goal of easy, stress free naps. So worth it! Keep it up.. you're doing great ;)