Friday, July 26, 2013


Happy Friday everyone! Today starts my new Friday series, Pic A Day Friday! So, here we go, our week in review, iPhone picture style. :)

Monday- Daddy came to Chloe's swim lessons. She was pretty stoked to show off for him.

Tuesday- This is Chloe's favorite baby. She took a dish rag from the laundry I was folding and was trying to swaddle her baby while saying, "You told (cold), baby?"

Wednesday- I went to Technopalooza (#disappointment) and Chloe went to Jakki's. She and Jenna checked out Chloe's new nap time bed Jakki made her.

Thursday- Thursday we braved the ridiculous pre-rain humidity after dinner was over and took Chloe on a walk so she could ride her new scooter. Note, I said ride, as in we push, she stands there. #backache!

Friday- Today is one of those lazy, rainy, lounge around the house and do nothing days. Hence why my little booger, who never sits still, is sitting in my lap watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

That about does it for this first edition of Pic A Day Friday! Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!


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