Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Bittersweet Paci Puppy

Today, my friends, is my sweet little girl's third birthday! For three years now she has blessed us with her beautiful smile, hilarious personality, caring heart, and of course, so much more.  But, that's not what this blog is about. I will absolutely be blogging more about her birthday next week after we have her party, but as I've stated, with Chloe's third birthday, also came another big milestone.  The exit of the paci.  I have been terrified of this moment for two reasons: Chloe was attached obsessed with ADDICTED TO HER PACI, and, to be honest, aside from her high chair, this is really and truly the very last bit of baby stuff left to say goodbye to.  (Enter the bittersweet tears here.)

To say that saying goodbye to her paci went amazingly well is the understatement of the century. After day one, which by all means was a bit of a rough ride, it was relatively easy. Chloe did ask for her paci from time to time, but seemed to accept the "daddy took them all away" answer pretty well.  Her sleep was a bit messed up, and she found it hard to stay asleep in the middle of the night, but all that passed quickly.

Yesterday, we hit the two week paci free mark. In anticipation of this and her birthday, Rusty and I took Chloe to Build A Bear this weekend to put her pacis into whatever stuffed animal she chose. Rusty and I were both a bit nervous about how she would react when we pulled the pacis out, but she did MORE THAN FINE! Seriously, this girl was so excited to stuff her puppy full of pacis! Here are the pictures of her trip to Build A Bear and of the newest addition to the Thompson household, Paci Puppy.

Daddy leading Chloe into the world of all things stuffed.
Picking out her Build A Bear from the slew of choices.
Choosing her sound. She chose a barking dog.
Helping the woman stuff the puppy.  Chloe ran the foot pedal.
Getting her pacis ready for the big moment.
Pausing to prove to the world that YES, she is happy and smiling about this!
The BIG moment! There they go! (I'll never admit I teared up.)
Paci Puppy needed a bath.
What does a Paci Puppy wear? Of course, a sequined halter top, pink fluffy tutu, and a matching headband!
The finished product and a very happy little girl!
All in all, it was a bittersweet success story to tell for years. In case you're wondering how Paci Puppy is doing now (there were so many who said Chloe was going to rip apart Paci Puppy to get to those pacis), you will all be glad to know Paci Puppy is still fully in tact and currently in bed next to my sweet girl. 

Before I finish up this blog, and on a totally different topic, I have two big product shout outs this week. It takes a lot to impress this picky mama, and these two products did just that for different reasons. The first is Jergen's Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer.  

I am not one to like tanning lotions. They streak, won't wash off, and just generally make you look stupid most of the time.  My mother in law uses this Jergen's Daily Moisturizer though and never has streaks or looks orange. I decided to try it not because I need a tan, if you've seen me lately you know my summer tan is in full effect, but because the back side of my legs are so much lighter than the front side. Ladies, I must say, I'm sold. I'm a believer. I don't think another day is going to go by that I don't use this miracle moisturizer.  First and foremost, my legs feel like butter. Like butter! They are so soft! As an added extra, the back of my legs are now matching the front of my legs and I have zero streak marks or orange glow!!! I'm in love!

My second product shout out is really more of a store shout out. The other day as I sat at the Chili's in Grapevine Mills Mall, I noticed the huge signs in Wilson's Leather that said 70% off all handbags and an extra 20% off clearance bags. Wilson's clearly had my full attention.  We had a purpose that day though. Remember Paci Puppy? Today, though, Chloe and I happened to be at Grapevine Mills Mall again to see Rio 2. I made it a point to stop by Wilson's and see if this sale was as good as it sounded. I'm not kidding when I say that I it truly was! I walked out of there with a $140 bag...a $140 bag that I paid $31.97 for! Oh yes! $31.97!  How can you resist this steal of a deal. You must go see for yourself!
On that note, I leave you!

Till next time,


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