Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blogging Blues & New Shoes

You know, they say winter can make a person lazy. I don't know if it's true, but winter sure does make me gain weight and just generally feel rather unmotivated to do much of anything.  I think that's what I'll blame my two month blogging hiatus on. Winter. Sounds like a grand excuse!

Seriously though, I'm really not sure what my problem was. Tons of stuff was happening in my life. I went to San Francisco in early February, turned 33, chaperoned 25 people to New York City and D.C. over spring break, taught every day, lived the life of a toddler mom... There were so many times when I would say, "I should blog about that!" Every time, the thought that followed that one..."Naw...."  L.A.Z.Y. That's what I've been!

Today marks my step back into the world of blogging. Spring is here! It's beautiful outside, so sunny and warm, with tempertures in the high 70s. How can you not feel more perky, more happy, more energized!?!  I certainly do. AND, the big news to celebrate about Spring is, of course, it's WEDGE SEASON!  That's right folks, the wedge is back. Overnight, I went from a 5'3" winter boot wearin' momma, to a 5'8" wedge wearin' momma.  For this shortie, five inches is a dream come true! It's takes these legs from short and stumpy to long and lean err...leaner.

Here are my feet yesterday. Just look at how happy they are!  Thank you for another great shoe purchase.  This beauty comes in ivory, mint, and fuchsia. You can find it HERE. They have a(n) great awesome UH-MAZING  selection of wedges right now. In fact, I fully plan on doing a little online shoe shopping tonight!

Spring also means that lucky Miss Chloe gets a whole new wardrobe. How nice would it be get all new clothes and shoes every season! #toddlerluck  I took her shopping this weekend. She got quite the loot from Old Navy and Stride Rite. Quite arguably, these stores are my two favorite places to shop for my little booger.  Here's some of what she got.

I really just can't get over the cardi look this season. It's amazing how a spring cardi can dress up any top. Chloe has this one in ivory, pink, black, and navy. Looking at this picture, I'm thinking she now needs the coral one too! Throw some skinny jeans with it and you're ready to take on the town. :)

This simple tunic looked great with her new navy Cardi and some skinny jean capris at Mamaw's 79th birthday dinner this past weekend.

Ahhh...the jean jacket. Every girl needs a jean jacket. It is truly a spring wardrobe staple.  What do you pair it with? See below!

The toddler maxi dress! Adorable alone, dressed up a bit with a jean jacket. You just can't go wrong!

This is actually the SECOND top like this that I have bought in the last month. I am totally digging the nautical look this season. Not so much the clothes with the anchors all over them, but the color scheme. When I originally bought this shirt, I paired it with a jean mini skirt and the navy cardi (see, the cardi is very versatile!) and LOVED it. Then, Chloe proceeded to spill my Dr. Pepper all over the shirt and ruined it. :( Never fear, Old Navy sales are here! When I saw that this tunic was on sale for $7, I knew I must have it again!

The romper. So so SO stinkin' cute on little toddler bums. Enough said.
The jean capri. Love. On sale for $10. M.U.S.T. H.A.V.E.

This is another one of Chloe's wardrobe staples this season. The khaki capri. It looks nicer than jeans, it's super comfy, and washes well with no iron needed. They come in white, navy, and fuchsia. Chloe has all three!

Everyday Steal Alert! Old Navy has their toddler "pip pops" as Chloe calls them on sale 2 for $7!

I can't tell you how many pairs of Stride Rite Butterscotch sandals this child has owned. We usually go through two pairs a season. They're not the cheapest sandal out there, but they are a great shoe. Stride Rite is my "go to" store for shoes that Chloe will wear a lot. I'm okay with a cheap shoe for one outfit kinda wear, but I want her everyday shoes to be great for her growing feet. This shoe has great support, wears well, and looks super cute with all of Chloe's Sweet Honey dresses and with her regular play clothes.

Stride Rite is having one of their BOGO sales right now, so I told Chloe that she could pick out another pair of shoes all on her own . She was really into trying on her own shoes and picking out styles. These Sperrys are what she finally settled on, and aren't they a great choice! They're so full of color, they'll match so much! The best part is, these adorable little shoes are actually Velcro, so she can put them on without any help!

 Simply put, that, folks, is Chloe what you will see Chloe sporting for the spring. :)

And, finally, with spring, also comes the announcement of the next big NKOTB LAS VEGAS, people! Tommi and I are totally thinking we should take a girl's trip in July to see them. Now, to convince Rusty that I need must go!

Oh yes, I really need to go. You can find more proof on why I really MUST go below.

See? I told you I needed must go! If you know my husband, please, put in a good word for me. ;)

Till next time,


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