Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Leggings ARE NOT Pants!

This morning before school I was reading a new blog post over at Pinterest Told Me To and I found myself saying out loud, "Yes, Yes, YEESSSS!" Chloe promptly asked me, "You talkin' to yoself?" What can I say, I totally was. It was totally necessary though. 

Just yesterday, I was walking behind someone (To protect the fashionless, that person shall remain nameless.) who was wearing a short shirt, tight tight TIGHT black leggings, and boots. It felt so hateful, but in my head all I could think was, "Hello?! Did she not look in the mirror this morning?" Leggings ARE NOT PANTS people!  Don't get me wrong. I love me some leggings. They are an absolute staple in my winter wardrobe. That is, underneath a very long and fashionable top.  Never ever should butt or thighs be hanging out in something that stretchy, grab every nook and cranny tight. It's just tacky.  It's even more tacky if you're not pencil thin which I certainly am not.  I can own up to and see what looks bad on me. I look gross until that long top gets nicely put on top. My thunder thighs and big butt don't need to be shown off in a pair of stretch leggings and neither do any of yours.

Back to the reason why I was talking to myself...when I opened up Pinterest Told Me To's blog this morning, what do I see?

Seriously, talk about a woman who can read my mind. I urge you to head on over to Pinterest Told Me To some time today and take a few moments to ponder her legging advice. You will be a better person for it, and the world will thank you.

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