Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reasons To Be Thankful

This past week I've seen tons of my Facebook friends posting everyday something they're thankful for. I pondered joining the craze, but knew my intentions would probably fall short, and I wouldn't make it all the way through the month. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not grateful for all God has given me. It's more that I'm a realist. Reality is, my plate is already too full, and I don't have enough time as it is.

This morning as I lay in bed with Chloe, holding her hand as she slept, I couldn't help but be overcome with just how thankful I am that God chose me to be her mommy. Chloe has truly been my answer to so many prayers. She is my sweet, kind, caring girl. She loves to help, is always looking out for her mommy, and has a heart for animals that's bigger than Texas. She is passionate and insistent about holding my hand when she is sleeping, and still will beg "hold me!" I am lucky enough to have a daughter who is independent and adventuresome, yet never too big to crawl up in mommy 's lap and be babied.

She also has her quirks. That's what makes her special. Since infancy, she has never wanted to be alone. I had one of those babies that you had to drag to the bathroom with you just so she wouldn't cry. She's still that way. Chloe doesn't ever want to be too far away from me at home. She's not one to go off and play in her room. Rather, she wants to be with me, helping me, or, unbeknownst to her, hindering me. ;) How can that bother me though? She's just so darn loving. It's the same way at bed time too. We have never been the parents that could lay her down in her crib and walk away. I've said it time and time again...I'm going to have the only 5 year old girl who still gets rocked to sleep at night. That's okay by me, though. I love those moments together. I'd rather be there to  comfort her in her most dreaded moments than to worry about "sleep training" my child or whether she will sleep in her bed. And, that brings us back to this morning. Like most nights, she is in our bed when I wake up this morning. Of course, I am holding her hand. I'm pretty sure she has a death grip on it while she snoozes away. As I lay there, staring at my beautiful princess, dreaming sweet dreams, and holding my hand, I was overcome with love. Never have I loved so deeply, so purely, and with everything that I have. There is much to be thankful for in this world of mine, but nothing more so than this precious little girl that is mine all mine. For her, #30daysofthanks just won't suffice. #365/24.7daysofthanks still may not be enough.

I love you, Chloe, my sweet baby girl!



  1. I'll never forget the day you told me you were pregnant... It was during an open house. You were such an amazing, supportive, and caring friend, I KNEW you'd be an incredible mom. I also remember hearing that she was a boy!? I could NOT get in board! I bought "him" a little outfit and thought, this just feels wrong...and you said the SAME thing! You KNEW her immediately. :)

  2. Oh, I know, Jen!! I was just telling Jakki the other day about Chloe being a boy for a month! I was so sad. I just KNEW she was a girl!!!