Friday, November 1, 2013

A Little Rant And A Big Ole Bunch Of Halloween Cuties

Oh happy day! We made it, people! It's FRIDAY! In teacher terms, it's also November 1st, the absolute worst day in the entire school year for sugared up kids.  Seriously, if you're a parent, take heed. Are you one of those that let's your kid stuff their pockets and lunch box full of last night's chocolate coated treasures before you send them off on the bus, out of your hair for the next eight hours?  If so, I think it's safe to say, you are not on my list of favorite people today.  Just saying...  I seriously had one girl walk into my first period class with her entire bucket of Halloween candy. No lie!  Learning is difficult on November 1st.

Enough of my soapbox...on to something fun. Last night was a blast in the Thompson household!  For the second year in a row, we trick or treated with Jakki's and Jen's girls.  Everyone had a blast, the girls got way more candy than their sweet mommies will ever let them eat, and hopefully, we walked off a few calories as we made our way around the neighborhood.  The dads joined us this year too! Jakki and I joked that we needed to bring them along every year because our job was so much easier. :) Here's a few pictures of our evening:

Points to note: Maddie, the flower, wore this outfit on her first Halloween at a mere 5 months old. She is one skinny mini! Also, look at Jenna! We took this photo right before we set out trick or treating. Jenna's sweet face is already riddled in chocolate! 

My little Minnie Mouse. I really wanted to make her a homeless woman this year, but who can say no this sweet face?

Chloe getting a ride from her daddy.

Take a look at the girls last year compared to this year! They're growing up way too quick! :(

Here's to a fabulous weekend, friends! Hopefully it won't be rainy and wet again. Oh, and let's all go ahead and celebrate daylight savings time! We gain an extra hour of sleep on Sunday!  Woo hoo!!!

Till next time,


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