Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Fabulous Weekend Comes To An End

I have been anxiously awaiting this weekend for several weeks now. Not for any good reason. Simply because I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS! Life has B.U.S.Y. these days.  No kidding, I haven't had time to do much more than eat, sleep, and work. So, my plan for the weekend was to do pretty much nothing. I think, overall, I was pretty successful! After I picked Chloe up from Jakki's on Friday, we went off roading on the four wheeler for about an hour and made a pit stop at the park for a little fun.  I'm pretty sure Jakki jinxed us because when I picked her up on Friday, she mentioned that Chloe had not had an accident all week. So much for that. There's nothing quite like the look on a two year old's face when she's got one foot firmly planted on the ground, one foot on the first step of a ladder, and her bladder decides to burst. Like, FULL ON BURST. The poor girl lost every ounce in it, and it ran down her leg while she stood there, looking all sad, head leaned over, watching it run down her. :(  DADDY TO THE RESCUE! We stayed at the park, and he bolted back to the house for dry clothes and disinfectant wipes! Once Chloe went to sleep, I sat down and made 16 pink cheer bows for our pink out pep rally. I hope the girls like them!!

That night Rusty got called in to work at midnight but got off at around 6am.  Obviously, he needed some sleep, so Chloe and I left for a few hours Saturday morning while he got some zzzzzs.  We needed to go to the dairy farm to get Chloe some more raw milk and to Roanoke to pick up Spanky's $100 skin prescription that I loathe buying.  Now, before complaining, let me tell you, it could be much further that we have to drive for raw milk.  The family we buy from says that people drive from the other side of Dallas to buy their milk, but the other side of Decatur is a good 30-35 minute drive.  So, when I pull up only to be greeted with this sign, I am not a happy camper. 

I was forced to buy my girl non-organic Lactaid. Alas, we will try again tomorrow. Hopefully they will have some milk, and I will be stocking my freezer up with it.

After we ran our errands, we pretty much did nothing. NOTHING! It was amazing.  On Sunday, Chloe woke me up with two demands: 1) "I need to poo poo, MOMMY!" 2) "I wan donuts, mommy." So, once we took care of number 1, (which was actually number 2, hahahah!), we went to the donut store and filled her little belly full of fried, sugary goodness.  Last night we promised Chloe that she would get to carve pumpkins today.  Shortly after breakfast, Chloe remembered.  Off to Walmart we went! We picked out four beautiful pumpkins and grabbed some meat to put on the smoker as well.  Below are our final products in the pumpkin carving category.  Chloe is likes loves is a slight bit obsessed with Minnie Mouse these days. Rusty really wanted to make Chloe a Minnie Mouse pumpkin this year. If you know my husband, you know there is NOTHING he can't do.  BTW, Chloe loves her Minnie "punkin." Daddy also smoked me some totally yummy awesome AMAZEBALLS chicken.  It was so juicy! He also made himself some pork tenderloin that he said was to die for, but we'll just have to take his word on that one. Somewhere in between all of this we also got some four wheeling time in.  (This has quickly become Chloe's favorite pass time.)
Our Sunday In A Nutshell:

You know it's been a fun filled day when Chloe wants to go to sleep before it's even 8pm. Who was I to argue? Right now her precious, sleeping self is snuggled up next to me on the couch snoozing away. I know, it's after 11pm; I just haven't wanted to put her to bed yet.  I like my baby sleeping peacefully on me! Now, my weekend comes to a close.  In one word, I would call this weekend...RELAXING!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!


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