Thursday, September 4, 2014

#picadayfriday Has Returned!

Alas, it returns!!! Today marks the official end of the second week of school for me and the second week of preschool for Chloe. Two things are certain: we are both dog tired and we have both met a lot of amazing young people. :)
Being back in a normal routine also means the return of daily "daddy" pictures. Each morning on the way out the door, Chloe poses for a picture for her daddy. We started taking morning pictures last year when Rusty was traveling a lot and not getting to see his little girl much. Now, it's just engrained in Chloe's little brain. "I HAVE to take a "pipure" for daddy or he will be sad, mommy!"  Long story short, you can expect to see a few "daddy" pictures each week, for sure. I'll try to spare you as much as possible.
Without adieu, here is our week in pictures...

Rusty finds this funny. Me, not so much. Chloe has gotten so tall that I now have to stand on her step stool to be tall enough to do her hair. I officially have short girl problems. :/ 
We took Chloe out to eat some Mexican food for lunch. I looked up from my menu and she just looked so cute sitting there pretending to read her menu. 
Swing 'yer pardner roun' and roun' ... We took a quick, like maybe less than 24 hour trip, to Emory last weekend to mow for Mamaw. Rusty forgot an "I'm going outside to get dirty kind of shirt," so he went looking in the closet to see what might be there that he could wear...and found this beaut.  Size 16, $2 thrift store tag, and complete with shoulder pads and leather fringe.  I mean really, it was a no brainer. I HAD to try it on! I don't know about you, but I think it does AMAZING things for my waistline!
Our pretty little chef. She's so cute I could just eat her up!
We started our week off HAPPY! She was excited to get up and go play with her friends! YAYAYAYAYAY!
These gorgeous girls have been staring at me all day at work. Chloe must have found this in my desk drawer. Oh how I miss their sweet smiles.
Well, it's not a picture, but it's pretty stinkin' cute. Last week, the color of the week was red. They learned this cute song, and it's been stuck in all of our heads ever since.

These beauties shipped today! Picture this: you log in to your Just Fab account only to find out that you have credit to spend. CREDIT!!! Like, English for FREE SHOES! See that invoice?!? I got $80 in shoes for a total of $0! I'm pretty excited to get my new red pumps, for sure, and now I'm also super anxious for some cooler weather so I can sport the new boots.

That's all I got for now, folk. Have a super fabulously great weekend!


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