Thursday, December 19, 2013

Irony, Coincidences, and White Feathers

Okay, so I realize that I just posted a blog only a few hours ago, but I feel compelled to share again.  A while back I purchased the new Theresa Caputo book, “There More To Life Than This.” I’ve been slowly reading it. Emphasize the word slowly. Let’s just say November and December are not prime months for this mommy to have many spare moments to curl up with a book. 

In the book, Theresa mentions several times that quite often your spirits are communicating with you in ways, but you are unaware.  She encourages you to open your eyes, and your hearts, and that you will notice.  One of the topics she discusses is that often times in life you have those moments where you experience déjà vu and even irony. She says that often comes from your spirit friends.  Recently, since reading that part of her book and deciding I wanted to pay more attention to those types of situations, I have been overcome with those moments. Seriously, overcome. Examples include having conversations with Chloe that I just know I have had before. I literally know what’s going to come out of her mouth before she even takes a breath and the tv or radio saying the same thing I’m thinking, saying, or texting. A prime example is last night. One of my girls text me asking how to spell frappucchino.   Literally, as I was typing a text back to her spelling out the word for her, a commercial on tv says frappucchino like five times. Honestly, that’s truly nothing big. But, since I’ve been open and looking for signs, every time something like this happens, I think in my head, “Is that spirit? Or, is that just coincidence?”  Today, I had some similar experiences and finally I said in my head, “Okay, dad, if this is you trying to make yourself known, you’re going to have to give me something more concrete to work with here.” Then, I went to lunch. 

Before I tell you the next part of my story, I need to rewind a bit.  In Theresa’s book, she mentions that white feathers are also a sign from a spirit trying to make their presence known to you. Yesterday, I found myself completely entangled in reading about this man who lost his wife to a rare form of lung cancer only two years after they married and only one year after they had their daughter. The story centered around him and his daughter having a photo shoot done in their house, also where they had their wedding photos done, using all the same poses, only it was him and his daughter, rather than the wife.  During the photo shoot, the photographer, the late wife’s sister, had the little girl go sit by the window where she often pictured her sister rocking the little girl. When the little girl went over there, she found a white feather lying where the mom used to sit.  These feathers had been showing up in random places frequently for them. The feather ended up being the center of several pictures in that shoot.  Here’s the excerpt from her sister’s blog:

Lately Ali has been IN.OUR.FACE. Like non stop. I usually get a handful of “messages/signs” weekly. But a couple weeks ago I asked her to make herself more present for me. Welp, let’s just say she listened for once . I never share these things but with some super close friends or my family, but I feel like she’s begging me to share with you guys. So I decided I will. Feathers have been a consistent token from her. Fall out of nowhere onto me, all.the.time. Anywho. As you probably figured, I was having anxiety about cleaning out her stuff with my family and then taking pictures in their empty house. When we went upstairs into Olivia’s room to shoot, I directed Olivia to stand by the window. In my mind I imagined Ali rocking her as an infant in that very spot. She went there, then bent down and picked something up…a white feather. Oh hey sis! Glad you could make an appearance in this sesh. That same day I got a couple other blatant signs, another of which was a bigger white feather while outside picking a Christmas tree with my aunt Dale. (Another past time we did together.)

You can read more of the Nunery's story by clicking HERE. You can read the entire blog, including about the white feather, by clicking HERE.

Now that you have some background information, back to my story.  So, I told my dad that if he wanted to make his presence known, I needed him to be a little more concrete than mere coincidences and pieces of irony. I needed something tangible. Something I couldn’t argue or talk myself out of.  Like I said, after this conversation, I went to lunch.

After lunch, I returned to my room, got my kids on task, and sat down at my desk to take attendance. That's when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to the left side of my desk and sitting there in the middle of my desk was….A WHITE FEATHER! A white feather, people! I kid you not! Here it is!

Seriously, I can't tell you the last time I saw a feather. Much less a white one...ON MY DESK! I took this hugely loud, deep breath which proceeded to interrupt all of my kids. I was shaking slightly, my heart felt like it weighed 100 pounds and was beating marathon fast, and I’m pretty sure I was in a state of utter shock. Alright, dad. I get it. This is tangible. This is concrete. I’ll take it! Thank you!! Never have I ever been so thankful for blogging Thursdays (which we have in every class for 20 minutes on Thursdays and Fridays). I turned to my keyboard, and as my students blogged (I bet 90% of them were blogging about how there’s only one more day until Christmas break, that’s right, I said CHRISTMAS break.) I opened up my little Blogger and proceeded to share my experience with you. #BELIEVE

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